6 Month Update

Oh man, what a character we have! Caleb’s personality continues to develop, and every day he seems more and more like his own little person!



Alas, this is still all over the place, and I fully believe I am completely to blame. We are going on a long vacation this month, so maybe next month I will try for a more time-focused schedule (I know, I say that every month….summer has been busy!!)


We have moved to 4 feedings per day, around 6 oz. each. We continued to let Caleb “taste” different foods this month, and are about to get started with full fledged Baby Led Weaning!


Sleep remains about the same. The floor bed is working pretty well (although now that he is scooting a bit and rolling a lot more, there have been a few more times that he has rolled off onto the floor. We will be leaving the surrounding blankets for a while it appears. Naps are still pretty touch and go. His first morning nap is always the best (2-2.5 hours) but the rest of the day is always different. Some days he will take 3 long naps….others he won’t sleep more than 30 minutes at a time. Sometimes I am okay with this, and sometimes I get very discouraged, especially when he becomes overtired. He still takes great naps in the swing/rocker, and I admit to letting him nap here more often than not.


I really can’t believe how much development there has been in this area in the last month. Caleb can intentionally pick up toys, can pass them from hand to hand, can bring them easily to his mouth, and has just in the last week started scooting on his belly. He can only move backwards and spin in circles so far, but it is so exciting (and a little terrifying!) He is very strong (I think because of the acrobat skills Daddy is constantly helping him practice!)


Tummy time no longer makes him miserable. I think the most unexpected thing about this is  how quickly this changed. One day he hated it, the next he was having a blast. Who knew??

He is also very close to being able to sit by himself. Right now he can stabilize himself pretty well front to back, but tends to tip over side to side. It won’t be long though! Favorite toys this month are his bell rattle, his O-Ball toys (these are the best!!) and his activity gym (especially Beaver and Frog…they are still very close friends).


Caleb also really likes to be read to! His favorite books right now are Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type, Rumble in the Jungle, and Five Little Monkeys. He laughs and giggles when I read them to him, and he loves to stare at the pictures.

Bath time remains a favorite time of the day. This is Daddy time, and (from what I can hear while I clean up the kitchen anyway) it sounds like they are having a blast in there. 🙂


We made it to 6 months with no sicknesses! Hurray! He will be getting his 6 month immunizations this week.. His 2 month and 4 month shots were harder on me than on him, so hopefully they will go well this time too. His hemangiomas remain the same, although the one on his eyelid is almost completely gone at this point.

We also think he is working on some teeth still. None have poked through, but he is visibly uncomfortable sometimes and the amount of drool has increased significantly.


Our only new adventure this month was our first camping trip at Hanging Rock State Park! This trip was a bit stressful, but went remarkably well. More details about this trip to come 🙂




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