10/11 Month Update

Caleb is turning into a toddler before our eyes! Only one more month until his birthday, and I feel like my little baby is growing up way too fast!


Caleb is now eating 3 solid meals a day plus one snack, and is having his ”milk” (formula) at the table as part of his meal. Baby Led Weaning has been hugely successful for us. His confidence with trying new foods continues to grow every day! He especially likes spicy foods. When we offer them, he can’t get enough! His formula intake is finally starting to decrease (down to about 22 ounces instead of 28) and he is able to hold his own bottle! Up next…learning how to use a cup! 🙂


We had a blissful month of sleeping through the night, but alas, the following month has not been so great. Sickness and teething have both been an issue and caused lots of disruptions. He is still sleeping in his crib, and probably will be for the next few months. I think we are moving back toward sleeping all night…fingers crossed!


Merry Christmas to us…Caleb took his first steps in mid-December (at 9.5 months!) While we somewhat expected it since he was already standing at the time of my last update, it was still a bit overwhelming! This guy is officially on the move. He walks around the room holding a toy in each hand, with his arms spread wide. It is pretty hilarious to watch, but hey, you do what you gotta do!

There are still quite a few things he is not doing yet, like putting objects in containers or handing them to us when we ask. He still shakes everything he picks up. He also is not using any real words yet, although we are starting to understand some of his communication. He will walk down the hall toward his bedroom, and then stop halfway and come back, until we get up and follow him. He also thinks it is great fun when Nick chases him around the room. He runs until he gets to the end of the room, and then turns around and giggles. It is so fun to see him engaging in play with us! He finally mastered clapping, but he still looks at us like we have 3 heads when we try to get him to wave bye-bye.

He has also started testing his limits, but he responds well to “No” and “Stop”. We try to reserve those for dangerous things. Even though it only lasts long enough for me to get to him and then redirect, I am happy that he can tell when I am using my “Mom voice” and that he responds to it by hesitating and looking at me.

We tried lots of new activities this month, including finger painting! I loved having a plan in place for the month of January…it helped add some variety and kept me from feeling the monotony of all of our days being the same, especially in winter. We tried all of the activities, and I decided to add even more in February.

Now that Caleb is walking, we were able to spend more time playing outside. We are very lucky to have a playground right around the corner, about a 5 minute walk away. I also contacted the local church that is right down the street, and they said they would be fine with us playing on their toddler playground too. Caleb can’t climb yet, but he loved swinging in my lap and going down the slide (holding my hand of course!)

We also discovered that a few of our local grocery stores have these sweet cars on the front of their carts…so going to the grocery store is now an adventure instead of a chore. 🙂


We had our first bad cold this month. It has been ongoing for about 2 weeks, and he still wakes up in the middle of the night unable to breathe. After struggling for months with the bulb syringes, I finally broke down and bought a Nose frida…while it makes me feel physically ill every time I use it, it really does work.


The last couple months have been relatively calm for our family. We had our first Christmas, which was wonderful. Nick’s family came to visit the weekend before, and my family came on Christmas Day. It was so nice to not have to travel this year. Caleb loved opening presents (although he didn’t exactly open them himself)! We didn’t go to the mall to see Santa (we are not really “mall people”) but the old train line in New Hill runs an old steam train for the holidays and has Santa come, so we checked that out instead.

We also had a couple snow days! Here in North Carolina they are kind of a big deal. We had a lot of fun watching Caleb trudge around through the fluffy stuff. He wasn’t quite sure what to think when he face planted in the cold…it’s all fun and games until someone gets snow in their eye. 😉

We are now officially in the final stretch to the big ONE…I still can’t believe it, but it will be here before we know it!

One thought on “10/11 Month Update

  1. If Caleb’s turning 1 than that means my widdle beebee is getting older. So therefore I choose not to believe he’s that grown. Our babies are still babies!!! (But seriously he gets cuter every single day!!)

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